What is Titus Motion Therapy?

Titus Motion Therapy (TMT) uses exercise and motion therapy to realign your body and correct posture through the use of prescribed exercises designed to restore balance and flexibility. This results in the elimination of pain and chronic injuries. The program consists of individualized, specific exercise routines that are non-invasive and safe – without hands-on manipulation, adjustments, machines or medication. The body is treated as a whole unit with an emphasis on education and self-reliance.

Founder Frank Titus explains, “Our bodies are born with an inherent desire for balance and wellness. However, after years of ‘wear and tear’ or a specific trauma, the body develops compensatory movement patterns to maintain function. The resulting imbalances often become the cause of painful symptoms. Major factors that contribute to these symptoms include: driving, watching TV and sitting at a computer all day. Our modern lifestyle has reduced much of the movement that our bodies are meant to perform – resulting in the musculoskeletal weaknesses that TMT addresses and corrects through an 8-week individualized exercise program.”

Oftentimes, our clients have been told by others to accept pain as a way of life. Many people discover TMT after futile attempts at correcting the symptoms of their problems with surgery, injections, medications, chiropractic or physical therapy. TMT has successfully treated medical doctors, dentists, chiropractors, personal trainers, pilates instructors, massage therapists and professional athletes. It works for old and new injuries, as well as pre- and post-operative conditions and can also be used as an adjunct or alternative to physical therapy and chiropractic care.

At the end of 8 weeks, over 95% of TMT clients are pain-free.

Can TMT be used as a preventative treatment?

Yes! Because of the ‘wear and tear’ on our bodies from driving, watching TV, and sitting at a computer all day, nearly everyone can benefit from maintaining balance and flexibility as a preventative measure. Taking responsibility for your health and your body posture can pay off with preventing pain or even surgery in later years.

How does TMT treatment work and how long is the program?

Each client receives an initial consultation in which the TMT therapist assesses pain level, posture, and gait, and then explains the source of painful symptoms. An exercise regime is prescribed specifically to treat each client’s musculoskeletal imbalances. From over 600 exercises, the TMT therapist assigns a specific series of movements, which – when done in a particular succession – retrain the muscles to move properly. The client must perform this 15 – 20-minute daily protocol, returning weekly for a re-evaluation and new routine, based on how the body is progressing. A typical program is eight weeks long.

What happens after 8 weeks?

Even though over 95% of TMT clients are pain-free at the end of their individualized program, clients are provided with a maintenance program of two sets of customized exercises that can be alternated over time. This prevents the body from reverting back to poor form and function. Many clients choose to schedule bi- or tri-monthly maintenance visits.

What kind of symptoms are eliminated?

Chronic back pain: Whiplash: Pregnancy back pain

Carpal tunnel: Knee and hip problems: Headaches & migraines

Degenerative joint disease & arthritis: TMJ syndrome: Fibromyalgia

Neck and shoulder pain: Sciatica & herniated discs: Rotator cuff injuries & tennis elbow

“So obvious, it is missed!” – Dr. Karl Ullis

If this works so well, why haven’t you heard of it? Dr. Karlis Ullis points out, “It is so obvious, it is often missed! Most doctors are not trained in human biomechanics, even though human biomechanics can be at the root of a lot of different types of pain. It is simple: correct the structure and correct function follows. Put people back into alignment, correct the posture, and the symptoms of pain will go away.”

What are the long-term benefits of Titus Motion Therapy?

  • Gives back optimal health
  • Pain-free active lifestyles
  • Reduces or eliminates dependency on medication
  • Reduces or eliminates need for surgery
  • A long-term solution
  • Treats the cause of chronic pain instead of the symptoms
  • Improves athletic performance

What is the success rate and how do you quantify it?

At the end of the 8-week program, it is estimated that over 95% of clients are symptom- or pain-free. This is based on clients aged 8 – 80 and their results, which have been tracked since 1995.

Will TMT work for all clients, especially those that are considering surgery?

Clients that are not 100% pain-free at the end of the program typically are the clients that have the most severe cases and require surgery OR those who have simply not done their exercises or completed the program. It should be noted that TMT is also extremely beneficial to clients before and after surgery. When a person enters surgery with an aligned body, there is a better chance for a successful surgery and a faster recovery time. However, more frequently, TMT actually prevents clients from having to endure a surgical procedure.

What do clients need to do to ensure TMT is effective for them?

Clients that do not comply with the prescribed exercise routines or those that stop the program before completion may not receive desired results. Clients are asked to commit to the following:

  • To take responsibility for your own health
  • To do the prescribed exercises to the best of your ability
  • To complete the TMT program prescribed for you

Before your first visit with Frank, please download this Medical History Form, fill it out and bring it with you.

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