What is Titus Motion Therapy and how does it work?
Titus Motion Therapy (TMT) is a non-invasive therapeutic technique developed by exercise therapist Frank Titus.  The 8-week program empowers clients to eliminate pain and chronic injuries by improving musculoskeletal balance with prescribed restorative exercises.The modality is a series of simple and gentle movements geared towards each client’s needs without hands-on manipulation, adjustments or machines.
What is the philosophy behind TMT?
Titus Motion Therapy is rooted in the philosophy that the body is inherently designed for proper function and alignment through movement. However, with the evolution of technology has come a sedentary lifestyle — computers, television and driving are a few of the reasons that human bodies are no longer as active as in the past.  One result of this inactivity is poor posture, a culprit of many chronic ailments. TMT helps the client’s body remember its innate blueprint for health through exercises that stress balance and flexibility.
What does TMT treat?
Symptoms eliminated by TMT include: headaches, backaches, neck pain, knee, hip and shoulder problems, herniated discs, sciatica, whiplash, carpal tunnel, migraines, fibromyalgia, TMJ, rotator cuff injuries, degenerative joint disease and arthritis.
Who has benefited from TMT?
TMT has successfully treated medical doctors, dentists, chiropractors personal trainers, pilates instructors, massage therapists and professional athletes.  It works for old and new injuries, as well as pre- and post-operative conditions.  TMT can be used as an adjunct or alternative to physical therapy and chiropractic.
What is the success rate and how do you quantify it?

At the end of the 8-week program, it is estimated that over 95% of Titus’ clients are symptom- or pain-free.  This is based on Titus’ experience treating his own clients from the ages of 3 – 93.  On a yearly basis, he states that there might be only one or two clients that are not considered “fully successful” recoveries.  
Who are the people that do not fully benefit from TMT? 

Those that are not 100% pain-free after the program are typically clients that have the most severe cases and require surgery.*  Others include clients that did not comply with the prescribed exercise  routines or those that stopped the program before completion.*It should also be noted that TMT is extremely beneficial to clients before and after surgery.  When the client enters surgery with a more aligned body, there is a better chance for a more successful surgery with a faster healing time.
What sort of commitment am I expected to make?

The commitment that Titus asks of his clients includes:

The client must commit to taking responsibility for his or her own health; to do the exercises to the best of his or her ability and to complete the TMT program prescribed for each individual.

How much does the TMT program cost?
The complete program costs vary, depending on the treatment.
Is the treatment covered by health insurance?

Most insurances will not cover Titus Motion Therapy but there are options. Please contact the office for further information.

How does the program work?
Each client is assessed regarding pain level, posture and gait, and then educated as to why he or she has the painful symptoms.  An exercise regime is prescribed specifically to treat each client’s musculoskeletal imbalances. From over 400 exercises, Titus assigns a specific series of movements, which  — when done in a particular succession — retrain the muscles to move properly. The client must perform this 15 – 20 minute daily protocol, returning weekly for a re-evaluation and new routine, based on how the body is progressing. 

What happens after 8 weeks ?
Even though more than 95% of TMT clients are pain-free at the end of the individualized program, Titus advises his clients to continue with an ongoing TMT exercise program.  After 8 weeks, each client is offered two customized routines that can be alternated over time.  This is to prevent the body from reverting to poor form and function.  The client might subsequently choose to schedule periodic visits with Titus every two to three months.
How is TMT different from other exercise therapies?
TMT consists of individualized specific exercise routines that are designed for each individual.  There is no hands-on manipulation, equipment or machines.  The body is treated as a whole unit with an emphasis on education and self-reliance.

What is Frank Titus’ background?
Frank Titus, B.S., T.M.T., developed the Titus Motion Therapy 8-week therapeutic exercise program after 15 years experience in exercise therapy and pain management, three of which he served as Assistant Director to renowned exercise therapist Pete Egoscue. Titus has treated high profile clients in entertainment and sports from Olympians to PGA, NFL and NBA players.  Titus graduated from Indiana State University with a degree in Exercise Physiology with emphasis on Kinesiology and Corporate Fitness. He founded Titus Motion Therapy in 1995 in the Los Angeles.  In 2005, after 10 years with over a 95% success rate, he expands his practice with treatment through the web. He has been interviewed by SKYPE on how his process works .


Is there a certification process for TMT therapists?

Frank Titus is currently developing a certification process for Titus Motion Therapy so that other health practitioners will be able to offer the treatment.

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