Have you tried everything to STOP PAIN? Spent countless dollars on managing symptoms instead of eliminating the actual cause? Tried chiropractics, injections, orthopedics and physical therapy to no avail?

Titus Motion Therapy (TMT) STOPS PAIN. Developed by Frank Titus, a leading exercise therapist and pain management expert, TMT is a safe and non-invasive alternative treatment that eliminates the causes of chronic pain.

Titus Motion Therapy offers an alternative approach to STOP PAIN.

Now you can eliminate or reduce:
· Dependency on medications
· Need for surgery

An over 95% success rate of eliminating pain!

Pain Treatments for:
· Chronic back pain
· Carpal tunnel
· Arthritis
· Neck and shoulder pain
· Whiplash
· Knee and hip problems
· TMJ Syndrome
· Sciatica & herniated discs
· Pregnancy back pain
· Headaches & Migraines
· Fibromyalgia & Chronic Fatigue
· Rotator cuff injuries
· Tennis elbow
· Degenerative joint disease
· ACL injuries
· Disease
· Disabilities