Ep. 1: Intro to Frank Titus and Titus Motion Therapy
Aches and Pains and Other Things

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Episode Description

For our first episode of Aches and Pains and Other Things, we dive right into Franks’ story. We learn what lead him to create his company and unique form of therapy. For returning patients, we touch on the new maintenance program.

About the Show:

From the team that brought you LA’s #1 radio show “The Painkillers” comes  “Aches and Pains and Other Things”.  This brisk and conversational podcast will explore the topic of pain and what can be done to relieve it TODAY. Listen in and learn how our bodies fall into dysfunctional movement patterns. Discover how to prevent and reverse misalignment that leads to chronic pain, injuries and overall loss in quality of life.

More about Frank:

Frank Titus is the founder of Titus Motion Therapy (TMT). TMT has a client success rate of over 95% and offers a long-term solution that treats the causes of chronic pain. TMT offers the LA area a convenient and comfortable setting for TMT sessions. If you are not in LA you can still receive direct treatment via Skype.

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